The global cult know their future plans well before they plan on executing them, but for these plans to come to fruition, the masses have to be willing to accept them (even at a subconscious level). Predictive programming (usually through the TV and media) primes us into accepting particular ideas and plans, by subconsciously (and consciously) acquainting us with them, before they take place in the real world.

Ever wondered why advances in tech aways seem to make it to the public domain with a disproportionate level of surprise or resistance. These new technologies have already been subconsciously programmed into us through movies, which always seem to have an uncanny ability to ‘predict’ new advances, long before they are rolled out in the real world. A lot of the futuristic tech that we see on the screen already exists at the time of making the film, but is intentionally hidden from the public. Notice how holographic form of communication was featured in the original Star Wars trilogy (released way back in 1977). If this eventually becomes a standard part of our communication, it will no doubt already feel familiar upon its release in to the public domain.

The roll out of advanced tech is crucial to the end-game agenda to usher the global population into an AI-driven technological SMART grid, where the biological human is at the complete mercy of technology at the hands of the global cult. In order to reach this goal, the masses have to accept and welcome each new level of technological development (no matter how invasive), believing it to be for their benefit. The incremental release of ‘upgraded’ smartphones epitomize this process. With each update, consumers are eager to reap the so-called benefits, not realizing that these conveniences come at a great cost, namely by ushering them further into a fully surveilled and controlled digitized world, where natural processes are replaced by ‘the machine’.

Whilst we believe the iPhone 12 to be the most ‘up to date’ model, I can assure you that the technology for many generations ahead already exists, but is intentionally withheld from the public. The upgraded tech has to be released in a timely fashion. In other words, it has to be rolled out incrementally in order to allow the public to slowly but surely acclimatize. Imagine jumping from the old school Nokia phones to an iPhone 12, without the intermediary steps. This would be far too big a leap (and would cost corporate giants like Apple and Samsung lot of profit). To those who pay attention, the next moves from the globalists become obvious.

I’m sure most of you will have some level of understanding of this concept by now, but nonetheless, I would like to provide some added clarity. Through predictive programming, we are intentionally exposed to the future plans of the elite puppeteers of humanity. I have outlined the reasons for this below:

1.) To familiarize us with their future plans The global cult knows their future plans well before they plan on executing them, but for these plans to be most effectively rolled out, it is easier if the masses are already familiarized with them (even at a subconscious level). Predictive programming exposes us to elements of the game plan in advance, thereby limiting the element of surprise, intrigue, or resistance upon their eventual implementation. By paying close enough attention to what we are shown, we can gain a valuable foresight into the future plans of the globalists.

2.) To achieve our consent Without our collective acquiescence, the globalists’ aim for total human enslavement would simply not work, especially as we outnumber them to an overwhelmingly large degree. But if the masses knew the true intentions of those seeking to dominate us, they would never willingly consent. Through predictive programming (in film and media for example), we are acquainted with a particular future, which is normalized through repetition (thereby minimizing resistance). We are conditioned into subconsciously accepting certain nefarious ideas and plans, by mistakenly believing them to be harmless or even beneficial. We are essentially tricked into building our own prison, whilst thinking we are free. We are also manipulated into giving our acceptance through subconscious ‘suggestion’.

3.) To attempt to absolve karmic debt Some believe that the globalists willingly expose elements of their agenda in an attempt to absolve themselves of negative karmic debt, through gaining our free-will approval (albeit manipulated and often unconscious). Considering that the global cult is extremely well versed in esotericism and metaphysics, they most certainly have a comprehensive understanding of the inherent universal laws of nature (inc. ’cause and effect’) and thereby seek to work around these laws (believing themselves be above them). This could well be the reason that they delegate their dirty work to others, believing that these order-followers will reap the karmic debt in their stead.

4.) To manipulate us into building our own prison As human beings, we are endowed with the ability to create our reality, through our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. What we think, we become. Social engineers are aware of our innate power and so they manipulate us into building our own prison, through collective subconscious manipulation. Predictive programming both consciously and subconsciously exposes us to future potentials. The more emotional energy, thought-form, and belief we feed these future potentials (even if subconscious), the more likely they are to manifest, especially when this is done collectively. As a human species, we co-create our reality, largely through the collective unconscious (which is intentionally and nefariously shaped by these mind control programs).

5.) To propagate fear Not only is fear the greatest currency of control, but the more that we feed this energy into a potential future scenario, the more power we give it to manifest. Predictive programming often exposes us to dystopian future potentials, which inevitably induce fear either consciously or subconsciously (Black Mirror is a prime example of this). This fear then feeds the reality creation mechanism, giving these unwritten future timelines more probability of manifesting. This is why we should never accept anything as fated, especially any scenario that we don’t want to become a part of our reality. If enough of us do this, we can end up playing our part in a collective self-fulling prophecy, whereby our shared fears now become a reality, through our co-creative efforts.

6.) To subliminally influence our behavior Various forms of media are laced with subliminal symbols/messages, which are hidden from our conscious awareness, but absorbed unconsciously. This makes them almost impossible to detect. They are designed to shape our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and behaviors, without us knowing. Subliminal mind control is essentially a form of hypnosis, which can prime us into accepting (and ultimately creating) a predictively programmed future of the cults choosing, through the phenomenon of ‘suggestion’.

7.) To mock us The dark occultists pulling the strings of humanity view us as nothing other than endlessly propagating worthless life-forms, who deserve to be governed. They believe themselves to be so far superior to the human race that they get a kick out of mocking us. This is one of the reasons they intentionally hide things in plain sight. Their plans are laid out for us right in the open, yet we remain none the wiser. Our blindness essentially reaffirms their self-proclaimed dominance. Occult symbols, sigils, and numbers are also everywhere or us to see, but we simply overlook them or misinterpret their real meaning.