Revelation 22:16

“I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star.”

In mythology the advent of light is predominantly used as a symbol for the awakening of consciousness and self-awareness. Hence, in the beginning God declared, ‘Let there be light’ to mark the commencement of an emergent and conscious universe.

It is interesting to note that there are numerous symbols used in the Bible to reflect both the positive and negative aspects of a given concept. For example, Jesus is referred to heroically as the ‘Lion of the tribe of Judah’, whereas conversely Satan is denounced as a ‘roaring lion’ who roams around seeking whomever he may devour.

The ‘morning star’ is another idea used in the Bible to describe both Jesus as the celestial Redeemer and Satan as the malevolent adversary who was ejected from the heavenly realms. Jesus, being the firstborn of God, is described as the ‘bright morning star’ for his extant light outshines all other lights in the created order, while Satan, a created being, can only reflect light which is a condition that is very much inferior to that of Jesus. From this we see a central spiritual principle in that the lesser cannot ever be superior to the greater, just as a river cannot rise above its source.

The ‘Self’ that resides at the centre of our being encompasses the entirety of the psyche and is the source and means of the ego complex which is the focal point of conscious awareness. Symbolically the ego is often represented by the Moon, but unlike solar consciousness, which is self-initiated and self-sustaining, the Moon (ego) is illuminated (gains awareness) indirectly and passively, being reliant entirely on external influences. In a similar fashion it is Christ consciousness at the centre of our being, the archetypal ‘Imago Dei’, that gives rise to and sustains our egoic awareness. But the ego is the inferior aspect of the mind and in its unregenerate and unenlightened condition represents a simulacrum of the anti-Christ when compared to the innate divinity of the Self.

The formation of the ego requires a ‘fall’ (or emanation) from a loftier station to a lower one, and in its inferior condition of spiritual blindness it equates to the sinful nature that is set apart from its supernal source. The ego cannot become the Self for it is a part and not the whole but is instead the path or bridge that leads awareness into the true light of Being. Our task in life then is not to destroy the ego but to transcend it by developing our lunar (waking) consciousness in conjunction with the hidden consciousness of the shadow (symbolised by the dark side of the moon) and integrate the many into the One under the aegis of the Self.

The rulership of King David marked a golden era in the history of the Israelites. King David is noted as being the greatest of all the Hebrew sovereigns and for uniting the two kingdoms of Israel and Judah under one monarchy. This is significant when considering the symbolism of this verse for it speaks to us of the unification of disparate parts and the reconciling of opposites into a unified harmonious whole.

Christ is therefore the source, the root, and the wherewithal of all spiritual life and existence itself. The healing function of Christ consciousness – this Balm of Gilead – resolves the schism between the worldly ego and the supraordinate Self in the ‘conuinctio’ – the marriage of the Sun and Moon, and solves the paradox of human nature, that this strange and lowly creature that is mankind is made in the very image and likeness of almighty God.