Jesus wasn’t a Christian. Christians worship the flesh of Jesus but usually manifest a total antichrist nature around the Spirit of Truth. Because a theology based around you being a chosen people while all others are not, is ego pumping (knowledge puffs up), but Jesus said, ” I have sheep in another fold you know not of.” And, “As you do to the least of humanity, you do unto me.” So who is the church (the body of Christ)? According to the godman Jesus, we all are part of the collective Christ. He had a real problem with people who had religious pride (older prodigal son parable, and his famous blast of Jesus culture when he says “Depart from me, I never knew you” – speaking to a culture group that claimed to do ‘mighty works’ in his name, inc. casing out demons in his name. Sounds like Christians with the gifts. The gifts to not equate to knowing the Lord. They are just gifts. But no pastor will ever tackle these kind of verses in scripture, though they claim to know the Way. They stand outside The Way, and block the Way). And in the same way Jesus casually forgave sins (forgive… To give grace, before), we ought to do the same as a disciple of The Word. But unfortunately Christians love to keep a veil hung in their minds, rather than torn. A wall of seperation between them and their neighbour. I get to rag on this people group cos it’s part of my DNA. I grew up in it. And I see pastors getting paid good money to lead people on a wild goose chase of theology and behaviour modification. A good pastor who knows even the milk of Paul’s letters is rare (the doctrine of the resurrection of the dead) is rare. But I’m not angry. I do not have that in me. I love. But love without correction is not real love. So I serve in a local church in which I am persecuted by the very pastor who is meant to be a leader of the house. And all these words for Christian and non Christian have to go through me first before I speak. I speak openly with authority now only because of experience with The Father and obedience. But I didn’t even get to have an opinion for a long time, as I went through the process of renewal of the mind in which part of that process is taking EVERY thought captive to the obedience of Christ. And EVERY intent of the heart. But now I’ve discovered, it’s not me, it’s Christ. Or at the very least, it’s us. And that includes you. Jesus said those that know me worship the Father in Spirit and Truth. And you will know those with the same Spirit of Jesus through their Love. God is Love. And each time someone loves and speaks Truth from their childlike faith in love, they invite the Spirit of Jesus into their heart’s. Being born again is a moment by moment flow. To live in the Spirit in the midst of carnality.

So many Christians, so little actual disciplines. We about to change that!