Some people who don’t understand or who will disagree with this post is because of the theology or philosophy of God that they were taught in the church.

People have been told that God is a man that lives in the sky who has a long white beard, wearing a long white robe who has omnipotent powers, such as the Q character that’s shown on Star Trek.

This description of God is absolutely false & was created by the mere
imaginations of men, who painted these images on the walls of churches, such as the Vatican for example. God is not a man. God is energy itself, which is what everything in existence ( including humans ) is composed of at the molecular level.

This is the meaning of the verse in the biblical Book of Genesis where it states that man was made in God’s image. In other words, man is composed of energy itself, which is God.

As we all know, energy has a positive & negative charge. This is the symbolic meaning of good & evil, Ying & Yang, or the higher & lower self found in Buddhist & Egyptian metaphysical philosophy, which are polar opposites of each other, just as the positive & negative charge of energy.

This is further demonstrated in the biblical Book of Isaiah, chapter 45, verse 7 where it states:

“I form the light & create the darkness, I make peace & CREATE EVIL. I THE LORD DO ALL THESE THINGS.”

People must understand that the Bible is a book that has taken cosmic laws & principles, & anthropomorphized them, thus, giving them human characteristics & emotions. These things were never meant to be understood from a literal point of view, but from a symbolic point of view. The goal of the practitioner is to realize & understand these opposing forces that are within the self, & to bring these forces into equilibrium with each other, thus, reaching the state of balance, nirvana or spiritual awareness.

The realization of this truth begins with the study of nature itself, which with the untrained eye of the novice, will be perceived as good & bad, thus, feeling the need to eliminate bad completely from the equation, not understanding that the “bad” is the negative charge of energy, which is a force that is completely necessary along with the positive force of energy for existence to exist. The removal of any one of these forces will remove existence itself. For example, imagine what would happen, if possible, if one were able to permanently remove the proton or neutron from the nucleus of all molecules in existence. Existence itself would cease to exist