When the individual wakes to the knowledge that God is to be known and turns his face toward light he takes the first step toward realization of his godhood; with faith as his shield, the sword of the Spirit in his hand and the spurs of resolution on his feet, he presses on to his fulfillment as a son of God. This is the way to become reborn, the opportunity our human birth has given us. And it is not wise ever to underestimate the strength of our enemy: the prejudices, weaknesses and fearfulness of the human self. We will not suffer such dismay if we know we have them to deal with. But do not give these emotions power over you by dwelling on them in morbid discouragement. This is where you are doctor as well as patient, and awareness of the Love of the indwelling Christ is the medicine, it is the antidote, it is the healing of the Spirit; abide in it, for of yourself you can do nothing and in him all things are possible.

In the human experience are warring natures, hot fermentations, old doubts and cynicisms, the soul sicknesses from which you can be freed if you will set your heart upon him. His healing balsam is Love, it is given you to compound, it cannot be thrust upon you.

May the Lord of all, the very real and present Savior, the very quick, the very vital, breathe his health in you and fill you with divine breath; may he hold your mind in stillness, quicken your thoughts, speak with your tongue and listen with your ear; may he give you the impulse of the moment that you may hold it, illumined.

One has said, “This is no voyage for a little boat, this which my venturesome prow goes cleaving, nor for a pilot who would spare himself.” And yet today when the earth is more greatly troubled than ever before, whole communities of people turn their faces away from their responsibility to a world in peril. In their daily lives, where vigilance should begin, they cling to habits of comfort and self-indulgence, eyes dull, ears stopped, inertia and indifference like chains upon their feet. At no time is this voyage for a pilot who would spare himself-, for his soul’s sake, for his beloved’s sake, and for the sake of his country.

This is a solemn time, for which you have been gently prepared. Keep in the simple path, keep in the Word and it will set you free. And by that is meant that you should be valiant in your insistence upon keeping aware so that you hear the voice within, that the Word may abide in you and in the midst of confusion keep your spirit in peace. This is your role, this is your great service to mankind. Let “I am the Light of the world within thee!” be your battle cry.