‘Compromising between two kingdoms, these patriotic Christians do not realize that because the faith they are practicing is hardly Christian and mostly a sort of conservative Humanism, it is natural to imagine how easily they are tolerated by the surrounding culture. They can practice this compromised faith freely because it is ultimately innocuous. It does not concern itself with tearing down strongholds. It does not crush the heads of serpents. It does not toss mountains into seas. It does not endeavor to pour salt into the open, putrid wounds of their surrounding culture. It does not shed light on the darkness in which this American kingdom thrives. It does not agitate.

If Christian martyrs in other kingdoms were to take American Christians as an example to follow, compromising to the point of neglecting the Kingdom of Heaven, they too would live in countries that would allow them to practice their “faith” without persecution.

Do not be surprised then when American Churchians who have fattened their hearts and are living in luxury by making concessions with an unjust and wicked kingdom, are entirely willing to appeal to the police force of this kingdom to silence those standing outside of churches, pleading with churchians to be Christians.

How do you expect this nation to allow Christians to practice Christianity if professing Christians will not even allow Christians to practice Christianity? The truth is, Christians do not have the liberty to practice Christianity in this nation. But they have the responsibility to do so, by the injunction of the Gospel they claim to possess.

Professing Christians do not have freedom to call themselves “Christian” in the United States just because a temporal piece of paper that they call the Constitution says it grants freedom to professing Christians. The reason professing Christians in America have that freedom is for the same reason professing Christians in Nazi Germany had that freedom: “Christianity” has become a meaningless word, representing meaningless gestures, and dead religion…’