The HEART. The Bible says a lot about THE HEART.
Sometimes it says the Heart is Wicked above all things. David says Create in me a Clean Heart. Out of the Abundance of the Heart the Mouth Speaks. He will turn their Heart of Stone into a Heart of Flesh. Circumcize the Heart. I will write my Law upon the tables of their Heart. What, the Heck does all this mean? Is it talking about that thing beating in your chest sending blood and oxygen throughout the body?

No its talking about the Subconscious Mind…. which is the Feminine aspect of the Mind. Lets talk about WHAT the Subconscious Mind is, WHY EACH of those things would apply, and how it can be Transformed from Dark Into Light, from Stone into Flesh, from a Tomb, to a Womb, from a Whore, to a Bride.

  1. The Subconscious Mind starts out Neutral, not good nor evil, a blank slate, with no knowledge, exactly like a brand new computer with a brand new harddrive, but no programming. It has the potential to do anything if the right program is installed…. and whatever it is programmed with, sets the limitations and parameters through which it must operate and function. It is called Feminine, because it can only put out, what it first receives into it… like the verse, we love, because we were first loved…. you can not give the knowledge of the Glory, until you receive the knowledge of the Glory….. but then you can function and operate in it. So it RECEIVES and then it TRANSMITS, its likened to a Woman RECEIVING a Seed (Conception), and then giving BIRTH to what is formulated within her womb….. THIS, is what we CALL, “The Heart”, it is the PORTION of the Mind that Learns, Receives, is Programmed, and then FUNCTIONS and OPERATES, and BIRTHS , out of the Program/Seed.
  2. The Heart is wicked above all things because we are all born into a corrupted world, full of corrupted people who have been programmed with corrupted beliefs, and perpetuated and transmitted, and recieved, and passed on, generation after generation, programming the next generation with words, codes, spells, beliefs passed down the line that set the limitations around our consciousness that we must then operate and function from…. so the heart is wicked, because it is programmed with beliefs and lies that are divisive, judgemental, seperating, isolating, accusing, and deceiving…… so what goes in, is what can come out…. even good intentioned people, are trapped in the decieeving belief systems of their hearts.
  3. How do you get you computer fixed when it is on the fritz, bogged down with viruses and malware, spyware, etc? You run an antivirus that locates and exposes and eliminates anything contrary to the system and original design…. you remove the bugs and the glitches in the matrix and you install or reinstall correct operating system, programming, coding….. so to create a clean heart, a good drive, you need to identify the lies and deceptions, expose them, and also have good programming and good software to replace them with. Software makes me think of a heart of flesh, not stone, its soft, not hard 😉 Good software, good codes, good words transforms the bad heart, the hard stoney heart, locked up, imprisined in faulty false beliefs…. it loosens it, it sets it free to be….
  4. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Yes what the subconscious mind is programmed with is what it manifests. What it receives and gets impregnated with is what it forms within and births out. You operate from the programs you have installed. The things that go into you, are stored and saved in your memory, and you can only speak on, what you remember.
  5. Your experiences are all etched into the waters of your consciousness, your memories are stored, within “your Heart”. So if you actually go Within to where the pressence of the Life and Light are, and you encounter and experience the life of God…. whatever you encounter, experience, or have revealed to you….. gets recorded in your awareness, it gets stored in your memory, it gets written and etched, engraved, in your heart…. the more you engage God and encounter God your experiences, encounters and memories, aka testimonies consume your heart/subconscious mind, and are what begin to flow back out of you, birth out of you into the world…. you will speak on them, declare them, embody them, and radiate that life out into the world…..

So you have a feminine part of your Spirit/Mind….. that can RECEIVE, and EXPERIENCE/ENCOUNTER….. and we can Go Within, or Look Without, and wherever your attention goes, your energy flows, whatever you open your senses to, is like a women opening her legs to…. you get impregnated by information….. from within, or from without, from your Source, or from the world, from others, from beliefs, opinions, thoughts, feelings, teachings, education, indocrination, religion……..
or from Direct Experience and Revelation
So we can either come into this relationship and connection to our source and unlimited supply of power, knowledge, peace, pressence, and even currency……and be completely dependant on our Source to teach us, lead us, guide us, provide for us, and protect us…. or we will keep looking to others outside, to people, to things, to our own hands…… thats the symbolism or whore/prostitue or bride//// wise virgin

Whatever you allow into your subconscious mind will impregnate you with that program and coding and a belief system gets formed inside of you and begins to be birthed out of you into the world through your words and actions…… you can see what people believe by what they do and say, you can see what is in their heart…. if you just watch them.

God wants Faith to reside in our heart, in Immortality, in Infinite Resources, Limitless supply, in our Oneness with our Source, in our Eternal Identity, in our Capacity and Ability…. so that we actually BIRTH THAT REALITY, THE SON OF GOD into the World, the THOUGHT of God, the WORD of GOD…. the GLORY of GOD through MANIFESTATION which is a REVELATION of whats in