We have been tricked, lied to and deceived. Who is ”we”, the church, all people and the world at large. I grew up in church, became more sincere in my late teens and spent the next 50 years as a christian, many of those as a pastor. a couple years ago i started a very ordinary bible study on the names of God. I had no idea my world was about to be turned upside down. I started using my concordance for something other than finding scriptures and along with the internet, my lexicon and my dictionary. I saw what was in front my eyes all along. My fathers name was not Lord, J was only about 400 years old and the Fathers name was taken out of the bible close to 7000, that’s right 7000 times and contrary to what many would say his name was not lost nor it’s pronunciation

This TRUTH about the names of the Father and Son will be rejected by the church.The church has been conditioned to digest only milk. This is what the last few generations of christianity has been conditioning it’s converts for. To be so comfortable with milk anything more demanding will be thrown out without a second thought. The church has been brought to this place by Satan, yes Satan with a handpicked crop, of milky sermon preachers. It was their job to make people meat intolerant and they succeeded on a massive scale. The deception that surrounds the origin of christianity and the switching of Yah and his Son’s name is way too much of a dietary challenge for the church. That means individuals within the church have got to jump ship and fend for themselves. The circus that now passes for the church exist for the purpose of keeping it’s followers fed with spiritual junk food, designed to ruin their appetite when it comes to a proper solid meal.