Most people have not only no concept of evil [even deny it] but no idea of how evil operates and hence go along with an agenda that works against their best interest as it’s clearly obvious now with masses taking this experimental jab, going along with the globalist psychopath’s plan of “build back better/ the great reset” and supporting pathological leftist socialist/marxist “woke” ideologies.

Maybe people have a Hollywood history pop-version of evil like Hitler but real evil most often appears as a “virtue“ or as it is said in the occult esoteric traditions: “disguised as an Angel of light”. That’s also why people adore “official” heroes like Gandhi or Mother Theresa in an inverted version of who they truly were.

The world is not as it appears to be and certainly not as you‘ve been told and taught in school. The depth of true evil existing in this world and in people they worship and adore lurking in the shadows is incomprehensible to most people.

Most people would not survive the shock they’d experience if they’d not only realize the evil operating in the world but how they support it based on their own ignorance and virtue signaling self-importance. Or at the very least it would push them into psychosis, hence their cognitive dissonance actually serves as a protective mechanism from extreme disillusionment.

There is Light and Good of course but if you don’t know Evil including YOUR own shadow, you won‘t be able to see/know the true Light but deceived by false Light. That’s also why New Age pop-spiritual types are lost in their own illusions and are overestimating their level of Being for they deny evil, to begin with.