When The Church Becomes a Business

What is happening today

👇■ Pastors function like CEOs

■ Members are turned into customers

■ Other churches are seen as competitors

■ Evangelism is reduced to marketing

■ Church planting looks more like franchising

■ Numbers are primary measure of success

■ Prayer and Word study are replaced by formulas

■ Revival is reduced to a few days fund-raising program

■ Preaching sounds more like motivational speech. All the people do is shout “I receive, Amen,” throughout the concert. I mean the “service”

■ Praise and Worship is turned into a performance. The best actors are made the worship and praise leaders

■ THE SPIRIT OF GOD is reduced to “emotionalism”. No real power of GOD other than hypnosis and sensationalism.

■ The saints are entertained instead of equipped

■ Disciples of CHRIST have become puppets

■ The Church, once a living Body has now become a lifeless body

■ A leader’s empire is built instead of THE KINGDOM OF GOD advanced

■ The pastor becomes the super man and JESUS CHRIST reduced to just another religious figure Beloved, is it that we already under these pattern of “a cult unknowingly or what

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