Believe The Truth

Christianity today, is mainly coming from an earth/humanity perspective, believing that there IS a Christ, and that there IS a Lord…. and so Believing IN HIM.

Jesus said of ALL men born of Woman, none was ever greater than John the Baptist….. so that means from Eve till John, all are lumped into one category, and John is the Epitome of that man… made of the Earth, Human, and believing in Christ the Lord.

What did John do? HE TALKED ABOUT, POINTED TO, WAITED FOR…. Christ the Lord. BUT….. Jesus continued, THE LEAST, in THE KINGDOM, is GREATER than John…Christ CAME and REVEALED, OPENED, made ACCESSIBLE a NEW KINGDOM of Consciousness that people could be BORN of and INTO…. the Marvelous Glorious Light of the Christ LIFE.

Jesus could NOT speak of the Lord Christ in any other way but first person….. He talked about the Father, but he would say, youre looking at him, can you not see? I and HE are ONE.John and Jesus are Two Kingdoms….. the Waters and the Spirit… and Jesus came to Transition us from Below to Above….. from Consciousness OF the Lord, to the LORDS CONSCIOUSNESS…. to Know yourSELF as ONE with the Father and Son, with GOD and his CHRIST, with SPIRIT and the KNOWLEDGE of that Spirit who Divinely LOVES because He SEES things as they are.

That was Jesus’s destiny…. but unfortunately the church got hijacked within 100 years and was twisted and manipulated to take people out of the spirit and back into the waters and outside mindedness….. they created another Jesus…. a seperate Lord and Seperate Christ…. to TALK ABOUT, BELIEVE IN, and WAIT ON…. instead of BE…. and thus, the state of the church today, they do not understand they are trapped in the counterfeight of Religion and Duality….

I’m learning how to navigate this situation finally without judgement, rather simply discernment….. and encouragement…… I bless you today to let you Know, Jesus came so that you would believe him enough to STEP INTO THE LIGHT of UNION and ONENESS and receive the Eternal Truth of your Identity and origin IN CHRIST IN GOD and AS CHRIST and AS GOD….. in a UNIQUE EXPRESSION, the levels of FREEDOM coming your way, Dancing, singing, celebrating, playing…….. IT IS FINISHED….. get ready for the Great Worldwide Awakening and Transfiguring of the Body of Christ

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