God dwells within each one of us, surrounds each one of us, and manifests as each one of us, for there is no duality between divinity and humanity. No one has ever been estranged from the Great Spirit, for we are fully, eternally engaged in cosmic oneness.

What yours truly is suggesting may surprise you, trigger you, and even enrage you, but the purpose here is to engage you. Consider the possibility that God is all-access, never off-limits, and we can relate to, and communicate with, the Great Spirit on our terms.

Real life is divine admission rather than pious submission. We are here to interconnect with one another as gods, for we are part and parcel with the Great Spirit, i.e. our species’ collective conscience, which is transfiguring us with love and guiding us with compassion.

We are God, self-actualizing, so let’s raise our consciousness. It’s time to discard discouraging paradigms, negative concepts, and afflicting notions regarding the Great Spirit, instead bearing witness to its encouraging presence, positive influence, and healing entity.