Stifle Not Your Spiritual Evolution

Well now you’ve done it: you’ve plumbed the depths of your branch of exclusive religion, questioning the validity of all that you’ve held dear, and are left wanting. You’ve passionately wrestled with your familiar dogma, but your conscience can no longer reconcile with it.

Your vision has shifted from a narrow scope to an ever-expanding panorama, as it concerns all things ethereal, and it’s time to be perfectly honest about it. You’re finding peace of mind in discarding what no longer serves you, which never really did in the first place.

Unless you’ve intentionally been living a double life, you may find that you have nowhere to turn, nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide when you first escape. You may have second thoughts, afraid that you may have signed up for solitary confinement, i.e. exile.

Fear not, dear soul: you will be privy to many encounters with kindred spirits, i.e. fellow practitioners of inclusive spirituality. You belong with a tribe who celebrates your spiritual evolution rather than one that stifles it; raise your vibrations and a distress signal.

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