Being Human in a Sinful Lie

For our information, human beings are not born with the default setting of dirty, rotten, sinful, depraved, or corrupt; simply put, we are not morally bankrupt. We’ve been fed misinformation regarding divinity, as well as humanity, and our self-image has paid for it.

Not one of us is cursed with a sin-nature, which we are helpless to cleanse; and we don’t need an external mediator to suffer a violent death in order to appease a wrathful, too-good-for-us god. This is a horrible religious lie that is finally being exposed as we wake up.

Yes, free-thinking friends, we are rising and shining, realizing that the unapproachable-god facade is a nightmare we can escape. We are privy to Real God: warm, inviting, compassionate energy, which we can freely bask in without any restriction or cautious friction.

As we shed the separate-god concept, and our notion that we are unfit to connect with the divine, we can embrace unfettered relation to, and direct communication with, the Great Spirit; but we must affirm us. Self-love is the secret to inevitable self-transcendence.

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