Living Storybooks

I had to chuckle the other day when I read a post that encouraged people not to read various books out there, but to read the Bible instead. I laughed because I had said the same thing back when I was “churched.”

I felt that people would be deceived if they read too much.

I understand the thinking to warn people because I was there, in the same position, wielding the same fear. After all, new information might undermine my dogma. Christians need consensus to feel safe. Without consensus there is fear. The Bible talks about reading too many books, that there is no end to it, which is true. But that same passage does not recommend reading only the Bible as the Bible was not in the form of a book back then.

We are encouraged however, to turn within to hear the still small voice of the Divine. We are living epistles, are we not?Once the voice of the Divine is heard there is no end to the revelation found within this church of flesh and blood constructed with bone and sinew. The ecclesia is commonly referred to the “called out ones” and is actually a reference to those that will trumpet the words HEARD FROM WITHIN and trumpets them out, or “calls them out” to the masses. This is the true form of evangelism and is what caused Jesus to change Simon’s (listening or hearing) name to Peter (which means “rock” or revealed knowledge).

“Peter” together with “Simon” means “the ability to hear revelation”, to receive and to “call out” Divine messages from within the hallowed halls of the biological church. Messages from the source of all, the Father, the creative source of all, are received on this “rock.” The Divine does not dwell in structures made by man – the church did not exist in its present form back then and neither did the Bible. I choose to read the Bible and other books and I will not fear those that say that there is deception out there. Any voice that incites fear is not speaking with the “called out” voice of perfect love, for perfect love casts out and away ALL FEAR.

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