A Sound Mind with Skills

We are highly evolved organisms. We are equipped with sound minds, as well as reasoning skills that go with them; and it sure would be a pity to squander our ability to think critically.

We possess head knowledge, which we gain via a well-rounded education, as well as heart wisdom, which grows experientially as we relate to and communicate with others via sociocultural activity. We are interconnected individuals, experiencing unity in diversity.

By raising our consciousness, or practicing mindfulness, we broaden our vision, and we offer each other greater understanding, since each one of us possesses unique circumstantial lenses. Of course, the ones who share our lines of sight are kindred spirits.

So let’s get down to the brass tacks: considering this, we are given daily opportunities to reach our own conclusions on theology, what we think or believe about divinity, and anthropology, what we think or believe about humanity. Let’s never settle for antiquated views.

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