Hell, Hades, and Sheol

Hell is a construct created by the Church of Rome. Hades is Greek. Hebrew is Sheol. Sheol means “the place of questions where we seek answers”. As God is unconditional love, there is no hell as we have been led to believe by the Church of Rome. We are in Sheol/hell right now asking questions. Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? When we do not know these answers because we had forgotten everything upon entering in, we search for something that we do not know what it is. We are formless and void at that point; tohu and bohu. It is about the experience of what is and what is not – from the spark within us that we use to compare this our that. This Spark is from our Creator that which is unconditional love but yet we don’t know what IT is. We have forgotten that ONE thing, that Spark/Creator IS Unconditional love. So we compare this and that to it trying to find out WHAT it IS and What is IS not. We try everything to find and match that energy until we truly recognize it for what IT IS. And once we find it, we no longer judge this or that. We exit duality and enter into ONENESS. And it is that place where we become and adversary to the system of duality as we no longer choose sides and are no longer manipulated through fear. This is the perfection of LOVE. We simply are as I AM, Unconditional Love, I AM ONE with Source and we see ALL through those lenses no longer judging. Those who have not found that cannot comprehend and they fear that which is not known to them. They could once relate to us as we were all searching in Sheol/Hell and we would find company there. But for those who have Found themselves in Source/Creator try as we may to explain it, words fail us. So we simply LOVE without conditions as they wrestle their way through hell/Sheol until they, too, find that answer. So we will be in Sheol until we find the ONENESS with the Spark within. And the lake of fire . . . it is the Aramaic word that means ‘ to be sifted’. So we are sifted through the fiery trials of purification through Living waters choas that will reveal to us in the TIME of the Revealing/Apocalypse that we are ONE with the Spark of Source, that which we have been searching for asking and seeking along the way until it is REVEALED and KNOW that I and my Father/Source are ONE having entered into Shalom Shalom- the doubly fruitful place of peace that goes beyond understanding, to innerstanding, and finally overstanding it.🔥🕊🙏🏻

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