Supreme Lordship Kingdom Mindset

As wickedness grows in the land and continues to show its ugly head, we as Christians must recognize that a superficial faith won’t last in the storm coming our way. If our lives are not built upon the solid rock of God’s word, we will collapse, no two ways about it. What matters is total faithfulness to the totality of God’s Word, without compromise. If you haven’t been counting the cost of what it’s going to mean following Christ in the coming months, weeks, or even days, now is the time. You must always be ready to lay down your life for the cause of the gospel. If that’s not your desire, if that seems like it’s a little too “radical” for you, then you should either repent of such a cowardly attitude or cease naming the name of Christ once and for all, because you’re not fit for the kingdom of God.

With that said, I am by no means despairing of hope or becoming pessimistic. My hope is in Christ, His Kingship, His expanding Kingdom, His sovereignty. Everything that happens will happen because God predestined it to happen, and in that I take great comfort. He knows exactly what He’s doing. He is working out everything together for the good of those who love Him and for the destruction of those who hate Him. So take heart, the victory belongs to us, saints. Why? Because we belong to Christ, and Christ always wins. May He cause America to come to a humble recognition of His Supreme Lordship!

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