You need to know you exist on many planes…
*an inexplainable uncreated immortal oneness
*a limitless Intelligent field of potential
*a resonance… the specific frequency/Vibration within the Infinite ocean of possible energy signatures that you ALLOW to PASS THROUGH YOU, or that YOU CHOOSE to Permit and Entertain… Intercourse with
*Word…. a plane of language…. sounds, that combined organize and hold meaning in your mind… all your memories and beliefs are made out of Words.
*Images…. mental images of the outside world of forms, and internal imaginations using the mrmories of those external images as refference points for your mental creation. Each of these images is imprinted upon your Mind and Saved within you.
*3D physical world where you have a physical body/vessel through which you experience the external World which is inseperable from youf External body.
*Paper…. you exist in a world of Paper. A character was created for you on paper, out of words when you were born. There is an entire world of information, contracts, agrerments, records, corporations, characters… and its a land of fictikn. You were given away into it at birth, and have believed in it… you exist there… just go check your mailbox.
*Digital…. you exist in another Realm that is virtually omnipresent now on Earth, and thats the Digital space… youre in it right now, reading this… youre accessing it with your mind, through external technology. The entire physical world is now interfaced and governed by and through it. Anything is possible through it, anything you can imagine, its an externalized extention of your imagination.

Most of you are unconscious and asleep to most of these realms, yet talk about being woke. Most people are only living from the 3D external physical body box… and dont even understand THAT as the manifestation of the other realms. If we are gonna save the world, we gotta save ourself first, that means waking up to where we are, here, and now…. and through the Divine Nature, Love, Knowledge, and Wisdom… taking control and ownership on every level of our Being