The original first humans were dark skinned, like the people you see in Africa today, genetics prove it too, genes go from dark to white not white to dark also the darker genes always overcome the lighter ones, this puts many things in perspective as to who truly the Jews are, they are not the ones living today in modern day Israel these are Khazar Jews originated from Russia and simply adopted Judaism into their culture, the true Jews are the dark melanated Hebrews also known as Africans who lost their identity and are reclaiming it in droves for the spirit of all things is pouring out on his people, problem is they are still as stiff necked people as they were back then and very few of them will be saved, same as then, now we are living at a time where the fulfillment of the gentiles is coming to a close, meaning people like myself white gentiles are receiving the spirit and prophesying even more so than the original Jews but Judah and the rest of the tribes will be awoken soon, so hate not your brother Judah but know we are all in this together, the promise of Abraham was that all nations will be blessed through him which includes both gentile and Jew and all will become YasharEL who are straight to God.