Guess what: the most trustworthy theology we will ever subscribe to is turning within ourselves to find Real God, which becomes crystal clear as we follow our intuition, i.e. self-education. Those who go within are not merely informed but completely transformed.

Yours truly may sound utterly heretical, at least according to the devotees of exclusive religion; but the truth is that every worldview finds its inception with a degree of heresy. Every game-changing movement is only possible when people think outside of the box.

Keep in mind that the most notable ascended spiritual masters of history were critical thinkers who advocated for soul ascension and the spiritual evolution of human beings. Inclusive spirituality offers such encouragement as this, as opposed to its rigid counterpart.

Believe it or not, but the truth is that the Great Spirit indwells us, ever surrounds us, and manifests itself as each one of us. We are vessels for transcendence, while bonded by our equally common immanence. Our Life Source is not just external but is also internal.