‘The apostles, when instilled with the Holy Spirit, came out preaching the kingdom of God was at hand and comes to us by grace as we love one another by doing the will of the Father in heaven instead of the fathers of the earth. That Kingdom is now living in the hearts of those who follow His way as doers of His word.

Christ came that the whole World might be saved. He was going to take the kingdom from the Pharisees because they were not bearing fruit, the fruit of Repentance. He complained about their Corban because it was making the word of God to none effect because children were not taking care of the needs of their parents but leaving that to the Corban run through the temple.

Jesus condemned them because they did not attend to the weightier matters. Jesus warned them to call no man on earth Father and not be like the Benefactors who exercised authority. John the Baptist had preached against the forced contribution of the world and said that to make the way of the Lord straight[18] they needed to care for their social needs with charity.

Peter and Paul warn against covetousness and eating that which was offered in these civil systems of social welfare. Peter tells you that it is this covetousness that would return you to bondage and make you human resources, literally Merchandise. He tells you that through these Covetous Practices that you would curse your children with debt and bondage – and you have. You are warned not to bite one another because you will be devoured by this act of unrighteousness.

The early Christians were persecuted for the most part because they did not sign up for Roman welfare for their free Bread and circuses. This was clearly the Christian conflict with Rome.

Modern Christians often claim a belief in Christ and The Way but are not doers of His word and are in need of Repentance.’