The truth is more people more then ever if not most know the gospel of Jesus Christ by now. I have seen from all over the world people that are preaching Jesus: sound doctrine… the truth is the majority know Jesus they just don’t want to accept His word. The hard truth is the majority now are going to remain blind because they are to caught up in feelings emotions and rebellious ways. The sound teaching of the living God instructs us that we would see these things take place. I will keep speaking of the things. But my feelings emotions and flesh wants to just tell people to see it how it is. I always say I am not perfect. My feelings take over too and I have to keep myself in check, my pride takes over and God has to keep me in check from time to time. I struggle like the rest. But I will remain faithful and true to the sounds words and inerrant infallible word of the living God who took on flesh and died for me and you. As we enter this new era of apostasy and lukewarm christians, politically correct christians who wants to worship a politically correct Jesus realize we are entering a prophetic time where it will become more difficult to edify. Be armed with the words of God. We have entered the final battle where we need to encourage the remnant to keep pressing forward and not give up. It will get ugly. But Jesus is bringing the justice.