Just in case you don’t know the truth the world is being controlled by Satan!! Not Trump not Biden not the Rothschild’s Satan! Everything being presented to you on the thing called the literal Tell-lie-vision is nothing more than a show!!They are busy distracting you with all that so you don’t seek forgiveness become humble and admit we are sinners who live in a world filled with it! From drugs,news, propaganda all designed to keep you thinking about the things of this world instead of what lays after we are all being played even me holding this very device typing this we are living in a virtual reality that has was created to enslave us into that matrix and mentally enslave us! The people are all actors that worship satan himself! Yes you heard that right Trump is a Satanic he worships the devil and so does Biden! This world has been controlled by Satan he is the true string puller and reason why everything is now backwards and I wish more of you could see that! We must pray daily have a personal relationship with Jesus forgive everyone in our hearts that has wronged us and seek forgiveness. This world will perish but the word of God the creator shall never parish. Stop thinking about the world and seek God and repent because the steaks couldn’t possibly be any higher!! Our literal souls are on the line! There is a Heaven and there is also a Hell and that is eternal! Wake Up!