Men and Commitment

There is a myth about men that they are afraid of commitment, men leave too early in relationships. The reason I say myth is because it isn’t true. It goes way deeper than that. We don’t stop and ask WHY, we are too quick to judge and label. Mostly from wounding. Men have fear of deep connection and intimacy, NOT commitment. We are indoctrinated with ‘ideals’ of MAN, what man is supposed to be like and if men don’t live up to this ideal then it’s ‘weak’. Forgetting the deeper human desire for deep connection and intimacy. We are all relational beings but we separate, misunderstand and assume from old paradigms and experiences. Not doing our own work around these deeper parts of ourselves and become hardened and overly self protective. Men carry emotional wounds just like women do. Call them universal masculine wounds/feminine wounds. For men the vulnerability and to allow themselves to be emotional can feel devastating. It can go against the very ideal we are given of what a man is supposed to be. It can feel emasculating to go to those deeper places for healing, to soften, to drop the armour and lead with the heart wide open. That’s not ‘manly’, it’s weak right. Wrong, in fact it’s one of the bravest and courageous things a man can do. (That anyone can do) TO DROP THE ARMOUR. And show up in the world in his healthy masculine that the world needs more than ever. For himself, to be the example for other men, to give them permission to do the same, for the feminine and to give our children what we were missing from generations that simply just didn’t know any better. Forget fault, forget blame. Ownership and individual responsibility for self healing is key to get what you really want. Deeper connection and intimacy in ALL areas.

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