Left and Right Wing Paradigm

Time to break free from this left and right wing paradigm of duality checkers game and recognize the real enemy the god of this world the prince of the air has been playing chess and all the moves he’s making is written in history and we’ve been warned of them so people need to stop being naïve and pay attention putting back on the crown because the politics of this world don’t deserve to wear it, especially it’s media mouthpiece spewing wicked propaganda, and make sure no one takes it. So come out of Babylon and start flipping tables turning the world upside down we need do something. Christ is King! Remember the government rest on his shoulders and he’s the head of the body. The spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Yahshua Jesus Christ keeping his commandments. As he was in the world so are we to be and remember, he said, “the prince of the air has nothing in me” so it’s time to eat his flesh and drink his blood. Go fast in the wilderness and come out with power we’re gonna need it.

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