Dealing with the Truth

You try to encourage some believers and ask them to help explain where you’re struggling with inconsistencies but they act like jerks and boot you. You can’t warn of anything anymore because it all has to sound encouraging. We the church can dish out the hard truths to the world but can’t deal with the skeletons in our closet or look at reality for what it really is if it doesn’t fit the narrative we want so sweep it under the rug. And there’s no reason ever to admit maybe we missed it a bit ourselves somewhere it’s just run head on thinking all the persecution is a result of suffering for Christ when some is just reaping what we sown knowing how many out there have been foolishly stoning the world when they have fat beams sticking out of their own eyes. Then we wonder why nobody wants to listen well we even kill our own while judging world at the same time no wonder there’s so much confusion. Tragically, there been watchmen throughout the church warning of things to come where some correction was needed and how to navigate through it but because it requires some change and responsibility they’re shot down because we need that political power and now people keep sitting holding onto the chairs waiting for the next future prediction from those who keep hitting and missing just so they can keep loving their life in this world. It’s crazy because if you know it’s a trap and you’re trying to help them see we might be playing into this thing they don’t want to hear they would rather argue debate living in their heads like we’ve been doing for years debate debate debate. Seriously, my favorites are those what to dish the hard truths to the world but when you spin one back on them their cognitive dissonance kicks in and they’re all offended and they’ll do everything they can to justify it acting like the world.

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