The Church is becoming voiceless

Regardless of the outcome this has taught me the need for deep rooted training in Christianity.

Why has the church become voiceless, shy, timid, fearful, and non-influential? I’ll tell you why:

-The church bought into the “two kingdom” lie.
-The church bought into a worldview that has us losing the fight on earth.
-The church has shallow teaching beyond salvation.
-The church is not teaching Christians to live ALL OF LIFE to the GLORY OF CHRIST.
-The church is not equipping disciples to be salt and light on earth.
-The church is letting their children become indoctrinated.
-The church is not impacting their immediate locations.
-The church has lost its identity.
-The church has failed to see the Lordship of Christ.
-The church is entertaining rather than training spiritual soldiers.
-The church stopped preaching the full counsel of God and the powerful gospel that can save to the uttermost.

Christ has all authority on earth and we’re called to make “earth as it is in heaven.”

Lord, give your people vision of a gospel future and send forth your Spirit to make it happen!

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