One of the biggest threats to the controlling forces on the planet is the strong male, which is why they have been targeted throughout history. The cows (female cattle) are more easily led to the slaughter house when the bull (male cattle) is not there to wreak havoc.

In the past, some of the strongest and bravest males have been killed off in wars. These men willingly and courageously went to battle in the belief that they were defending their country.

Nowadays the only real action most men take is concerning business/financial endeavours. Outside of their never-ending self-serving pursuits of wealth and material acquisition, most men today are slumped on the sofa, whilst being drip-fed propaganda, addicted to sport, watching Netflix or playing video games.

Men are made to be docile, self-serving, effeminate and stripped of their ultimate masculine instinct to ‘pick up the sword’ and defend against external threats.

This attack on masculinity is achieved through a number of means, not least through biological/hormonal manipulation.

Men are being fed increasing amounts of estrogen, far surpassing the natural and healthy levels. This estrogen is derived from a number of sources, not least alcohol (particularly beer; hence the ‘beer belly’). Beer is deemed to be ‘a man’s drink’ yet the irony is that it emasculates men (both physically and emotionally).

Soy is another source of estrogen and is present in many modern day foods (including many meat substitutes – ties into the ‘meatless agenda’). Plastic also contains estrogen, which is leaked into food and drinks through various sources (not least through foods/drinks packed with BPA)

Besides the biological and emotional impact of alcohol, it also makes men more passive and docile, stripping them of their willpower and natural male instincts. Other biological and chemical warfare techniques (Fluoride, pharmaceuticals, EMFs etc.) suppress willpower further and alter the natural biological expression of both men and women.

There is also a war on testosterone, which can be viewed as the ‘will hormone’ or ‘drive hormone’. Low testosterone destroys motivation, drive, vitality and willpower. It also emasculates males. The social engineers purposely attack this hormone as a means to stifle opposition, not least through diet and through spiking both cortisol and estrogen, which both have an inverse correlation with testosterone – as estrogen/cortisol go up, testosterone drops).

Hollywood, celebrity/popular culture and the fashion industry also play their part in feminizing men, by glorifying the beta male look. Men who do choose to adopt the ‘typical masculine’ look (i.e through strengthening up physically in the gym) often do so for superficial reasons and a way to gain social approval for ‘the gram’.

Most men are fearful of rebellion and have no sense of the divine masculine principle of self-defence and their inherent right to rebel against unjust acts of authority and control. This has been noticeably apparent in the covid ‘pandemic’, where most men have blindly conformed to orders and made no effort to rebel against obvious threats to our collective freedom. Even those men who can see beyond the lies and deception, choose to stay silent, opting for social approval and comfort over integrity.

There are many men who like to see themselves as masculine (muscular, business success, high social standing) yet will gladly muzzle themselves whilst wearing their lavish suits and increasingly effeminate gym attire.

Neo-feminism and cultural programming has also created a situation where men are demeaned and emasculated. Sadly, women these days do not provide sufficient motivation for male rebellion. Men who display anger of any kind (including righteous anger) tend to be looked upon scornfully by the average conditioned woman (who view all kinds of anger as ‘negative’).

A large chunk of women have been conditioned to be attracted to the corporate ‘suit and tie guy’, because he is seen as a man of ‘long-term’ value (because he has money). Conversely, a rebellious male is viewed as divisive and (ironically) a threat to their ‘stability’. Women are also worried of the social consequences of being in partnership with a man who acts in opposition to the societal norm.

Submissive men, in fear of being ostracized and rejected by women, settle instead for passiveness and apathy, even in the face of great tyranny. The rebellious spirit has been completely stifled out of them.

The average man today is not much different to a castrated bull (an Ox) who becomes completely controllable and subservient when robbed of their manhood. What we are left with is cowardly, fearful and obedient imitations of men, who will gladly sit by idly whilst tyranny comes knocking on the door.

The remedy for this isn’t a polarizarion towards the other extreme (the hyper-masculine alpha male). Whilst physical strength was one of the greatest weapons in the past, today this is just as much a psychological and spiritual war, so it requires development on all levels.