Sinner or Saint

I was watching an episode of one of my favorite shows last night from 1999. In the episode, the doctor who was playing the part of the town priest referred to someone in the congregation as “sinner”. My first thought, “and that’s why we have people in the Body of Christ stuck in a death mentality and not a mentality of life”.

We have denominations in the church that only refer to people and it’s congregants as “sinners” instead of “saints”. They fail to realize and understand that Paul spoke about us becoming saints; going from sinner to saint. How would you feel if your Pastor or someone of Clergy only referred to you as a sinner? That spreads negativity and death, instead of knowing that each of us are to be going through the transformation via Holy Spirit. We are saints.

If we stay stuck in the sinner mentality, we will never be able to improve ourselves. But if we have a “saint” mentality, we will always be working on improving ourselves and removing the bad habits that have afflicted us for far too long. And don’t give me the, “oh you’re just trying to appease people’s feelings by not calling them bad things”. No! It is a well known and proven fact that words are powerful and can literally kill. So why not change your wording and mindset to something positive and watch things change and play out in front of your eyes. See the people go from sinner to saint in front of your eyes as the transformation via Holy Spirit plays out in their life.

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