Islam and Other Faiths

  • Islam gives logical and simple idea for God – he is A perfect God – he is not a man nor a son of man nor becoming man and dying for sins, he is not an Idol or a trinity , he is not created nor limited in his creation, he is the creator of all that exist including stars, planets, galaxies and skies, and he is greater than all – he is totally unique and powerful and to him belongs all the good qualities.
  • Islam accepts all messengers/Prophets of God and in Islam we love all the prophets of God and we can’t deny any of them – while in other religions such as Judaism for example – they reject Jesus and Mohammed — and in Christianity they reject Muhammad … but in Islam we accept all ..
  • If you were a Christian, You won’t loose Jesus but you will just correct your belief in him, in Islam Jesus stands a good position as one of the messengers of God together with other messengers.. they were all special but this does not mean we worship them, because they were all humans like us– none of them must be worshiped — we only worship God who sent them . we believe that Jesus was a noble Messenger of God but not divine God nor a son of God! God has no sons no family, he does not give birth,,,, we love Jesus and obey his true teachings and pray like him , fast like him , and a person won’t lose Jesus if he accepts Islam — but you will just correct your belief about him and in Islam God is always forgiving – if you always repent (before death ) he will just accept you no matter how great sins you did >he forgive us out of his own grace – there is no price to be paid in order for him to forgive > so it’s not like Christianity which says that God can’t forgive except by blood of Jesus ..
  • Islam is mainly about the message of God , about the sender not the one who is sent- so we don’t exaggerate or overpraise the prophets or religious people so in Islam there is no mediator between you and God — you can pray to God directly – there is no need for someone in between…there is no religious theocratic Authority in Islam and we dont confess sins to priests or to anyone but God
  • in Islam In Islam there is no caste system — all people are equal in Islam , Only God judges, its his job not ours .
  • Islam is the Only religion that is Not named after a person or a tribe or a group, its name means submission to the One True God, if anyone anywhere at any time lived the life of submission to the true God alone , then he is a Muslim.
  • In Islam (worship) is not about mere rituals. its a comprehensive term that includes any deed that pleases God. All good deeds are types of worship, smiling, being sincere at work, saying a nice word, and even treating one’s spouse gently, all this is greatly rewarded by God. And in the opposite any deed that doesn’t please God is a sin; talking bad about people is a sin, cheating, lying, hurting innocent people, harming the environment.
  • Islam is a comprehensive moral way of life – it organizes each aspect in your life.. it has solutions and divine guidelines to everything and can deal with daily problems in your life – the moral system of Islam, is v detailed.
  • The Main source of Islam – -( The Quran ) is perfect, unique , unmodified, has no errors or contradictions unlike other books- it is also collected and saved in an amazing way — it never happen to any book in history — it’s through un cut chain of known narrators which date to prophet time … beside the millions who memorized it from cover to cover since that time up till today – beside being documented in front of the prophet by known companions!
  • Paradise in Islam is a real physical life for both Body and soul, you will go there , eating drinking marrying and meeting with prophets and having wonderful eternally unlike in other religions which they think its only spiritual life .
  • Islam, gives a meaning to life and explains very logically the purpose of life – why are u here?God did not create us without a purpose – but he made purpose for our existence …we not here just to eat, drink and marry and die! but we have a greater purpose and this is to recognize the true God and worship him- . God created many creations to worship him — some of these creations did not have free will — so God decided to create some creations who can worship him freely — not by force- so from these creations were mankind, who were given the gift of the free will and intelligent brain to choose or refuse, to submit their free will to the will of the creator by obeying his true teachings,which acts like the instructions or manual of the manufacturer who made it for our own sake and welfare and this submission will achieve morality, peace and salvation and will make our life better. So every good action you do is considered a type of worship.
  • The Qur’an agrees with scientific facts >and it mentioned many of it before it was even discovered by science — such as big bang , development of fetus in his mother’s womb etc .. in fact most of those who accept Islam they take this step after reading quran — quran is a miracle in itself and you feel God almighty talking to you when you read it — try it out and judge for yourself ..
  • Muhammed never seek any personal gains — he lost a lot of his family member and money while calling to the worship of the one God alone — the God of Abraham and all prophets — he was fought and troubled and yet he died steadfast on the path same like any noble prophet before him .
  • the divine sources of Islam have a statement of authorship which is not the case in bible – I mean God in such sources clearly say I revealed these sources!Plus the sources of Islam ( Quran ) is the only divine book which has scripts of it datings to the prophet time. So we have original scripts and more over it’s the only divine book which is memorized from cover to cover by millions of Muslims. So its not modified or altered , it actually challenge people to find any faults or contradictions in it . it does not contradict any proven scientific fact but it affirms many of it before it was known to people in recent ages.
  • Islam also declares in its sources that it is the only religion of truth from God, for this is stated unambiguously in the Qur’an.. . However you won’t find this statement in any divine book today , that God himself is saying ( This is the only true religion ) ! for example , you won’t find God saying in bible ( Christianity is the only true religion ) or ( Judaism is the only true religion ) in fact you wont find the word Christianity nor the word Judaism in bible at all – it were labels that was created later on by people and it referred to humans or places ..for example ( Juda a person and Judaism – Christ and Christianity –– Buda and Budaism, Hindu and hinduism .. etc )
  • the final prophet of Islam was exposed to all kinds of torture and trouble in order to leave this call but he refused … he lived a poor life and died as poor … and he did not call for any personal gains however he was offered all this but refused — he only called to the worship of the one true God who is not an idol or a human and invited us to have good morals .
  • the final messenger of islam name was Mohammed and it was mentioned in previous books prophecies about him … moreover he did prophesied things that came true and is coming true even in our time. . beside the miracles he did .
    *Islam prohibits blind following without knowledge and is based upon evidence and logic.The rational mind is the basis for religious accountability and responsibility. All aspects of Islamic belief are clear, without any obscurity or ambiguity. It contains no tenet that contradicts reason or observable reality, and it calls on people to study and contemplate as a means of strengthening faith.

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