These are the days of the Re-Set

Governments are out of ideas because mainstream storytellers are out of ideas.

Every cinematic franchise centered on totalitarianism answers the same question of how to convince humanity to stop fighting each other and to accept a unifying and oppressive one world government. That answer invariably includes fabricating an outside threat against which the people are inspired to unite. They “put aside their differences to face a common enemy” and naturally compromise their motivations, desires, and liberties to make themselves malleable enough receive safety, no matter what duplicitous form it takes.

The re-runs of institutionalism do not have the creativity to deviate from this narrative. The institutionalists do, however, plug and play whichever relevant threat by which to intimidate the people into accepting whichever relevant oppression.

Institutions massacred their own people on 9/11 to inspire the nation to join them in becoming imperialist aggressors against targeted scapegoats and to accept the Patriot Act.

The institutionalists arbitrarily highlighted some economic threat about illegal aliens in order inspire the people to demand a border wall by which to keep themselves caged when it comes time cull them.

The institutionalists fabricated a pandemic to inspire the people to costume themselves like carnival freaks, and accept a “new normal” including their own genetic tampering, artificially fabricated economic dearths, and permanent travel restrictions.

If you’re looking for a lesson here, there isn’t one. When idolaters raise up institutions to deceive and oppress them, it’s because God gave them up to a reprobate mind to rejoice in their deception and oppression. The narrative on repeat is a judgment on those who hate God, whether they believe the narrative or not.

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