The problem is not government specifically, the problem is our constitution written by Free Masons, who although their words seem wise and “enlightened” are not inline with scriptural principles. Giving “we the people” full access to vote for leaders eventually leads to total corruption, as the majority of “we the people” are in a natural unsaved state and should not be in a position to pick leaders. Corruption and removal of scriptural laws and justice, while having greatness in stature as we see today, “the Masons very plan, to create the new enligtened society of Atlantis”. Between “we the people”, and “freedom of religion” a capital designed by Jesuits and Masons to be an image of the beast of Rome, financed by weathy Zionist bankers we have removed any resemblence of a people under Yahuah who rely on him and fear him, and have became a nation who rely on idols of self sufiicincy, pride, freedom, worship of country and flag and not our creator. This once blessied nation has had its blessings removed years ago. If we could only “reset” return to the original founders ways in 1620 structured under biblical principles again then that would make “America kind, repentant, gracious, merciful, rightous again” and Yahuah would once again bless this nation.