I sense that many Christians are unnecessarily being attacked or harassed by Satan and his demons. This occurs because: (1) They have either opened up a door for evil spirits to attack them because of some disobedience they have in their lives for not hearing God in that specific area (2) They are obedient to God in all areas of their lives and God tests them as part of His process of dealings with them to validate His approval on them and consequently impute ministerial grace into them (3) They are NOT connected to a governmental grace and anointing carried by a patriarchal apostle who carries governmental grace. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PRINCIPLE. We must understand that the spirit world follows divine protocols of operation. Satan is free to attack any Christian who is not under an apostolic seal which provides spiritual covering to believers to protect them from the attacks of Satan and his demons. Being a child of God is NOT a sure guarantee that one can’t be attacked by Satanic forces. It requires connection and formation of relationships with an apostolic source to provide believers the higher echelon of grace to seal and protect them. This is where patriarchal apostles come in. This is why God establishes divine protocol and order for the administration and effective functioning and operations of the Body through the ministry of apostles.

One of the reasons why those believers who don’t understand point (3) are still alive today is that God is merciful to them in keeping them alive from evil schemes devised by the enemy to terminate them. But it isn’t God’s ultimate desire for them to remain isolated but to connect to an authentic apostolic input and source for their own ministerial longevity, protection and prosperity.