True Tabernacle

The Tabernacle is your physical body, made out of coats of skin, that wanders through the wilderness…… but the TEMPLE made without hands, is a Body of Words, that houses your Spirit and the Glory of God…. you BUILD the INNER TEMPLE a little at a time. One day you will SHED your Earthly Tabernacle, n what will go On is your Heavenly Temple…. the Body of Truth that was BUILT WITHIN YOU, Stone by stone, brick by brick, starting with Christ the chief cornerstone….. words…. revelations, prescious stones n gems of wisdom, living words…. building up the inner House of the Father with many rooms n dimensions….. every word that gets inscribed n your heart will live on forever….. you aint taking nothing physical with you, but all the Heavenly Wisdom you acquire, all the manna, and bread from heaven, all the fruit of the tree of life…… sticks with you for eternity and fortifies your glorious inner man

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