Being Born Again

To start is to begin something, a job, a practice, etc. Initiation is a patient labor.
It is the consecration to the cult of the Christic Forces. Whoever begins such Mysteries, learns to correctly interpret the Christian symbols mentioned by the Holy Scriptures. This means that no layman with his intellect, however wise he may seem, is capable of doing it, thus he has burned his eyelashes studying throughout his life, unless he begins in the Christic Mysteries. The internal faculties of the human being awaken based on discipline.
SAINT PAUL warns us in Corinthians, 4.20: “FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVENS DOES NOT CONSIST OF WORDS (Intellectualisms, dialectics), BUT IN VIRTUE” (purity in thoughts, words and works).
Initiation begins with SEX, which is the same as being born again. That is the Spiritual Birth of which the Divine Master spoke to Nicodemus, Prince of the Pharisees. (See the entire chapter three (3) of the Gospel according to John).
The Evangelist also warns that: “WHAT IS BORN OF THE FLESH (Matter), FLESH IS, WHAT IS BORN OF THE SPIRIT (Fire water) SPIRIT IS”. Chapter 3-6 SAN JUAN.
Being born spiritually does not mean believing in God, accepting Jesus as the only Savior or simply repenting and being baptized in his name and you are saved. Being born spiritually is something very hard and difficult, it is the work of transforming the gross into subtle, from matter into energy, according to the divine measures drawn up by the Great Universal Architect.
It is, then, the renunciation of the bestial act, which must be replaced by a natural and divine act, from which THE SON OF MAN must emanate, the internal beast being defeated.
This work belongs to the brave and not to the cowards and the weak, for them their mental speculations and their unbridled pleasures are enough, the abyss awaits them. The Kingdom of Heaven is taken by storm, and the mighty who take it are the Initiates. “FROM THE DAYS OF JOHN THE BAPTIST UNTIL NOW, THE KINGDOM OF HEAVENS IS FORCED, AND THE BRAVE SEIZE IT” (Matthew, 11.12).

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