Urantia, Ascension, and Archons

You know what’s interesting. Studying the annunaki I found that the urantia book contains a creation story that is written as if from the annunaki or higher power than them point of view. It does not necessarily mention the annunaki by name however some of the information described makes me believe that the annunaki are not quite what we think. And reading the ascencion glossary found online( once again written as if being truth delivered from a non human source) talks of the annunaki directly. It contains the usual knowledge of them we know about. But includes further information(supposedly, I’m not saying to believe it however being open minded and considerate of the information is all I ask) including mention of the archons wich are another very curious subject of study if you dont know about them, the glossary makes mention of a creation story where it follows an idea similar to the bible in that there is a source god made of living light, and that the fallen Angel’s were free sovereign beings made of living light as well that decided to create there own worlds to be as gods. Apparently the living light universe operates like the matrix. And so they manipulated areas of the matrix to create false timelines. Or basically the multiverse. Alternate realities etc. It goes on to say over time there refusal to accept the light of the original source made them and there timelines become stagnant light (ie dead light) making them have to search for another source of infinite energy in order to stay immortal. There idea was to create humans and place them in a world of suffering. The suffering they experience would create loosh a form of energy that can be vampirized by these false gods. They supposedly created victim-victimizer agendas, a digital mind control grid over the earth that keeps an eye on our thoughts and attempts to input negative suggestive thoughts into our minds subtly so as to make you think there your own. They placed artificial humans as leaders to rule without remorse, guilt, regret, change of heart etc. They are basically agent Smith’s from the matrix. These humans apparently do not have souls as they are not really alive. More like npcs in a game. But a super sophisticated game created by alien gods with extremely advanced technological abilities and and understanding of universal laws of energy and how to manipulate it for there goals so supremely they can almost seem like magick. (Ie blood rituals, mental archetype creation, and much more including certain abilities relating to the observer effect in qauntum mechanics and intense mental visualization of the futures they desire causing something like observer effect but more to do with intention plus desire without allowing any doubt to enter your mind holding the image concrete and causing a magnetic like pull on that timeline and dragging us into the future they desire. With all of that being said the annunaki are depicted as those from whence heaven came. There made out to be as gods to man. The genetic creators even. And the ascencion glossary states similar. But its twist is that they were never meant to do that. Nor are they the most high. According the ascencion glossary they are desperate to keep us distracted with divide and conquer tactics like racism, religious wars, and political battles etc. As long as we keep the fear and hate and pain spewing were keeping the machine oiled. We’re the recource but that sort of gives us power I say. Because ots similar to a union situation where if we refuse to cooperate there the ones that risk losing it all. So it’s funny how much negotiation power we have and yet are easily manipulated slaves that are kept ignorant to it. With that said feel free to attack my statements from every angle because I want to see what others think. Maybe you’ll tear it all down and prove it all wrong. Maybe you’ll prove it correct idk. I only know a small amount about the annunaki. But I could not help but notice the links and being open minded I do wonder. Because just because something has no proof does not mean its false. And just because something is true does not mean there isnt more truth missing. Such as saying that maybe both the annunaki lore such as emerald tablets of thoth. And the ascencion glossary and correct and part of the same lore. Just no way to know.

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