Jesus commanded that you get The Holy Spirit


For Christians it is the very certain FACT that NO Christian church of any name preaches what Jesus commanded. Read Acts Chapter One. Do not suppose that what the Promise of the Father is something less that the truth of it. The truth of it is first

  1. We forsake the world….God’s kingdom is not of this world.


  1. All we can do while living in this world is to have our heart, might, mind and strength, committed fully to the kingdom that is NOT of this world.
  2. When we have proven our faith is sufficient to step off and away from the confidence and trust of this world the covenant of the Father will be met by an actual baptism of fire and of the Holy Ghost.
  3. No, it is not merely speaking in tongues, it is not a shout of Hallelujah. You are fully made a new creature in body and mind. They are sanctified and healed and at purpose for the kingdom of God….which means you want to see others partake of the same gift.

No church is competent in leading people to the commanded Gospel. They invent something that allows them to thrive IN THE WORLD. If you are not willing to put yourself at hazard in this world… you might be excelling in college and the Spirit constrains you to quit……WHAT! How could that be good? The Lord has something for you to do. Ought you not forsake your net and get up and go do the will of the Lord. You are a prophet of God if and when God puts his Spirit in your heart. If you do not think so then you do not know the Spirit at all and your Christianity is FAKE.

The reason for my spouting off is that religious people want God to save America. They even expect it. WHY? You cannot find SEVEN true saints on the planet. KEY: a true saint knows God and will teach the gospel correctly…..try and find one.

America is weak because America has forsaken God. The lying wonders of Satan have us all day. What are the wonders of Satan? He is the prince and power of the air……what is that?….ELECTRICITY…..since Benjamin Franklin this effect has dominated all discovery. It has made the world rich. It is being refined to the point that Satan will have access soon to dominate humanity.

How are you going to survive it? Get right with God on God’s commanded terms and forsake your self righteousness and the creeds invented to prop up that self righteousness.
Cast out false prophets and false leaders and demand a true religion that makes fallen man true saints and true prophets.

Notice that this news will not even begin to go viral. It will be ignored if not vilified as somehow arrogant. FOOLS AND SLOW TO BELIEVE!!!

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