Outer Matrix and Inner Spirit

in worship today, i was so aware of the paradox….of simultaneously seeing the entire outter matrix that we are up against…. i saw the stars as fallen angels bound in outter darkness, which are also what is creating and collapsing our material bodies onto us…. meaning those stars as well…. are embedded in our flesh. I saw how just like satelites send information to your cell phones…. all of the fallen shadow satanic/demonic thoughts that you are tempted by come at you, from them as well…. the Outter Kingdom. Outter Darkness. The Veil and illusion that masks and covers the TRUE Kingdom, behind the scenes and accessed through your Heart.
I saw how from Within The One Living Spirit is Forming itself Within you, and your True Spirit man is being BUILT and FORMED out of the WORD OF GOD, which is in itself SPIRIT LIFE…. The THRONE of CREATOR accessed withn, the LIGHT of CHRIST accessed WITHIN, your RESSURECTED SPIRIT MAN, lives… WITHIN…. the INNER MAN, hidden by the outter shell…. But I also saw how WE WIN by SEEING Gods Kingdom WITHIN, as the REAL…. and PROJECTING BY FAITH, his Kingdom INTO THIS WORLD. Rather than DRAWING FROM, and BELIEVING IN…. the outter world, we bring the Inner world FORTH… INTO this world, through our Words and Deeds…. we TAKE GROUND, TAKE TERRITORY for the Kingdom of Light…. and begin to bring the OUTTER WORLD into CONFORMITY with the ETERNAL WORLD within…. Within, by FAITH, the RESSURECTED MAN…. is MADE OF…. The Trinity…. He is a FIREY Being of LIGHT that LOVES and LIVES and RADIATES…. his ESSENCE of GOD, and his NATURE is DIVINE and he is BORN of the WORD OF GOD…. but there is an Earthly Body that covers, conceals, and tempts the soul that that Spirit being sees this world through…. to buy into the earthly existence and identity…. to agree with the senses, long for and desire it, lust for posession, for acknowledgment, for power, to be somebody….. these are the thoughts of the fallen ones, because that is what made them fall…. and now they long to keep people trapped in their own hellish state, seperated from the truth and reality of the Oneness of the Fathers Love. We are all in the inbetween….. living as a soul, until the Spirit man is born within, then we must make the shift…. to begin identifying as a Spiritual Being of Light…. a living Spirit, by looking at Jesus as the Mirror activator and believing in that which we see….. We turn back to our origen and Creator and look him face to face…. we are reconciled, redeemed, ressurected, returned, to our Origen, our Source….. Oneness with the One…. THEN and ONLY then, can we look back out into the world, and overcome it…. walking in the Light of our True Identity…. the Children of God…. and overthrow the entire world system, first within our flesh, then within our homes, then within our cities, nations….. and eventually the earth. I was told today in worship….. Jesus Christ is the ONLY REALITY. the ONLY LIFE. The COMPLETE beginning to end in Oneness from the Spark of Creator to a physical body, no seperation complete harmony and unity….. and that thats who and what i am, even if its hard to believe, lay hold of, or express that…. and the entire world will try to get me to think, believe, accept any other reality…. any form of seperation, duality, division…. any type…. at all….. from male/female…. to Creator/created…. any type at all….. i was told to praise the TRUE and LIVING GOD, experience the Fulness of LIFE…. to only believe in LIFE…. to drink life, worship life, praise life, celebrate life, love life, swim in life, dance in life, speak life, know the life, know the life as my self, and my body as the expression of my self which is the life….. the life transceds thought, transcends words, names… brains…. it is silent, it is breath…. it is ONE…. and i dont have to prove what i have seen to anyone or need the aproval or accpetnace of anyone to know what i know. JESUS CHRIST introduced me to and connected me with the LIFE that has no beginning or end.

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