Being Naked and not Ashamed

Why were Adam and Eve Naked and not Ashamed! The word naked from the Hebrew is arom and has the same 3 letter root as the word aram which was used to describe the character of the Serpent in Gen 3:1 Now the Serpent was more Subtil (Aram) than any of the beast of the field. What was YAH really trying to indicate to us when saying Adam and Eve were naked (arom ) and not Ashamed. Now the Serpent being described as being more aram than all the beasts of the field is an indication that the words aram and erom have a underlying meaning connected to being aware of a knowledge of good and evil for the Serpent had wisdom and understanding far greater than Adam and Eve and used this wisdom to Sadduce the innocent couple. When Adam and Chavah fell they knew that they were naked or erom, they lost that innocence and became aware of the flesh carnal nature of which the Serpent had wisdom of.
Prior to the fall YAH had not given Adam and Chavah any laws and commandments apart from one . The command not to eat or touch the tree of knowledge of good and evil. They were to learn and live and grow in paradise like Garden trusting YAH and learning from the Angelic teachers they had in the Garden for they were told to freely eat from all trees in the garden ( Eating from trees was a symbolic way of saying to consume the knowledge that the fruit of these wise trees provided, for trees were symbolic of angels thus the tree of knowledge of good and evil was Ha Satan. Read Ezekiel 31 and Daniel 4 for confirmation that trees are symbolic of angels and leaders.
So we see that nakedness was associated with having your consciousness awakened to a knowledge of good and evil and becoming awake like YAH and the angels and pre-Adamic world. Ha Satan and the angels were not ignorant of the knowledge or good and evil having acquired the knowledge in the Pre-Adamic age. The angels with the greatest wisdom of dividing between light and darkness formed the council of the heavenly government. So we see that Ha Satan or the angels that fell did not just become evil overnight they already had a knowledge of good and evil and chose to rebel and establish a kingdom on the pre Adamic world and named their kingdom Eden Read Ezekiel 31 for the details of the Angelic kingdom that ruled.

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