Clash of 2 Kingdoms

In the most cosmic understanding of what is really going on, we are experiencing the titanic clash of kingdoms. A kingdom of light and a kingdom of darkness. Jesus’ kingdom vs. Satan’s kingdom. More importantly, it is a clash initiated by the invasion of the kingdom of light rather than the other way around. Most of what presently scares and shocks many is the sudden visibility of the formerly unseen works of darkness now shined upon by the invasion of light. While we have been the light in the church, the consequence of our doctrinally-induced absence as the light of the world has reaped and revealed its severe consequences. Our obsession and expectation of soon leaving the planet has had the ripple effect of allowing darkness and deep darkness to embed itself in the ruling seven mountains of society. Awakening to this has shocked into action those that are now awake and thrown into cognitive dissonance those presently being rudely awakened. Those in cognitive dissonance are likely to be still demeaning fellow believers attempting to now bring and be light outside the familiar church circles of operation. They see the exposed works of present darkness as “conspiracy theories”. “Evil can’t be that evil” they surmise, and it gives them permission to stay in the dullness of their cognitive dissonance. “Stay out of politics” they say and the fact that it is even a discussion shows how far removed we are from understanding the kingdom (rule and reign) of God. Can you imagine a King who doesn’t prioritize government? The kingdom of God is either a kingdom for EVERYTHING or not a kingdom at all. Perhaps a pacifier. It is either the reality and strategy of light for every area of society or a “Linus’ security blanket” because we have no present light for “the land of the living”. “Politics” are the working dynamics of the mountain of government. To be able to think of Christianity as something that can be absent from “politics” reveals the gulf between “Seek first the church” and “Seek first the kingdom”. In the new era we now enter this is no longer permitted. This is the essence of this Great Awakening. If you miss that in this Great Awakening you will drift even further into Great Irrelevance– and that whether you have a million followers or pastor a megachurch. Whatever doesn’t build His kingdom is ultimately irrelevant. Counting on you to wake up. Incoming kingdom invasion jolts ahead to assist you in that. He is either the King of everything or no King at all.

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