The Truth about Racism

“Racism” is regarded as a cardinal and virtually unforgivable sin by modern society on the premise that it dehumanizes people on the sheer basis of factors of their existence that they didn’t even have a choice in. Simply for being who they are.

But what could be more dehumanizing than the idea that “racism” is so great a sin that the mere accusation of being guilty of it is perfectly sufficient to condemn a person so pervasively that they are no longer eligible for the benefits of living in modern society and providing for their loved ones; and that a person being labeled a “racist” absolves all who would call the accused out of any obligation to demonstrate basic respect for any human dignity and decency whatsoever?
Modern society has more visceral and primal disdain for anyone and everyone who is even accused of being “racist” than it does for rapists and murderers. This is no mere hyperbolic statement. We have seen time and time again how people will advocate tirelessly for the abolition of capital punishment but will turn right around and join a lynch mob to destroy the lives and livelihood of people who are deemed to be politically incorrect. What’s more, they do so while feeling pious, proper, and proud of it, by virtue of a particularly pernicious and petulant pathology that has come to characterize the adherents of progressive pseudo-piety:
A “racist” is no longer your neighbor. A “racist” is no longer a person not so different from you with hopes, goals, dreams, aspirations, and convictions of their own—And certainly not a person who might have studied and thought a lot about what he/she believes and why, before reaching the conclusions for which he/she is being condemned, who is capable of rational thought and civil discourse—Or who could possibly have a sincere reason for believing as he/she does. And most certainly could not possibly have a sincere belief that the position he/she has adopted is merely the truth and would actually lead to the betterment of mankind if people would give it due thought.

Whatever contributions a “racist” has made to their community or to mankind, in general, does not matter. He/she is not entitled to a trial, for they are instantaneously tried and convicted in the court of “public opinion.” And you can rest assured that the consensus is unanimous in its resolve that no evidence is needed to prove the offender’s guilt beyond the fact that they were labeled to begin with. Everything he/she says in his/her defense is only further proof of their guilt. Obviously.

It’s not as if a “racist” is capable of anything more than their alleged bigotry. We must speculate wildly and reserve any and all judgment against even the most basic tenets of common sense regarding the motivations of actual criminals if they happen to be a minority who has run afoul of the police. But we can be absolutely certain of the motivations of a “racist.” For by virtue of their labeling, we can gaze into the unquestionably deep dark abyss that is their very soul. Such are the gifts of omniscience and profound insight that are freely offered to all who embrace progressive ideology by the ever beneficent, if not petty and vengeful gods of political correctness.

Muslim Jihadists are complex and misunderstood individuals. But the “racist”? No further consideration is necessary. What’s more, they are more guilty of “terrorism” than these so-called terrorists.

The laws of our country should be suspended on behalf of complete strangers who immigrate illegally and who aren’t even citizens, much less members of the community because that person’s family might be adversely affected in some way.
Thank God such concerns are not valid when we’re talking about how adversely the family of a “racist” might be affected by such vengeful and draconian responses such as this though.

You already know EVERYTHING about the “racist” that you will ever need to know. And to be honest, anything else that is known about them should be forgotten at this point. (That’s why the statues have to come down.)

In short, the “racist” is, by virtue of their scarlet letter, subhuman. Neither entitled to or even deserving of even the most basic considerations of common courtesy and human decency.
Let that sink in. Most people are either silently complicit in or willing accomplices to a societal paradigm which dictates that if the right labels are slapped onto you by someone else, you literally abdicate your rights to live peacefully and thrive in modern society. On what basis? Nothing more than the sheer force of the label itself: “Racist.”

And who can blame so many people for their silent complicity in this ideological cesspool when even the most zealous and righteous inquisitor could, in an instant, be consigned to the same fate? The fear of man truly does bring a snare.

This whole damnable dynamic is devilish to the uttermost extreme.
And I cannot imagine anything that could be more TRULY dehumanizing than this.

THIS is the political and ideological climate we have ushered in through our countenancing of leftist dogma and embrace of liberal paradigms. In the name of defending the oppressed, we have made ourselves accomplices to and enablers of a form of oppression far more insidious and destructive than everything of which our ancestors are accused combined.

Anyone who fancies themselves to be less radical and actually acceptable to the mainstream because unlike those “extremists” who keep doing stuff to get themselves branded as heretics against the prevailing zeitgeist, they’re reasonable and nothing like that could ever happen to them is clinging to a delusive phantom of hope and is failing to understand the times we’re living in. What’s more, we’re alienating ourselves from the God of Truth who actually sits on the throne of the universe, who commands us in His word to not bear false witness against our neighbors and to prove all things, holding fast to that which is good.

We as a nation have allowed ourselves to become slaves to political correctness. Let us embrace the truth together so that we may be free and stand on the everlasting promises of Christ, our risen King.

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