Inner and Outer Work

DURING THIS TIME OF TRANSITION it becomes imperative to engage in both inner and outer work. Inner work in this context relates to emotional, psychological, somatic, and spiritual work that helps us to get more in touch with who we truly are behind the layers of wounds, traumas, and social/cultural programming/conditioning.

Ultimately this internal process is about Individualization and Embodiment. To be embodied doesn’t mean to simply be in “touch” with the physical body (like through paying attention to diet/exercise). Embodiment (from a spiritual/esoteric perspective) is the process of soul integration, connecting to one’s “higher self” (or “inner being”) and becoming a conscious vessel for spirit/divine to work through our bodies; it relates to the alchemical marriage of the inner male and female, where Being and Doing become one.

Based on ancient occult esoteric teachings and the mystery schools, the soul is something human beings need to develop or “grow” from a consciousness seed, and then we work to embody the fullness of our soul via conscious spiritual/esoteric work. In the average person in today’s post-modern maze, the soul remains in an embryonic state and is thus not fully individualized. Until the soul has matured, one’s identity lies in the mechanical false personality and is open to manipulation on all levels.

An embodied individualized soul, on the other hand, becomes the seat of the real self’s creativity and dynamism, and the personality blossoms as an expression of one’s higher (immortal) identity, connected to spirit and the Divine within – a conscious vessel for Divine Will.

Outer work relates to taking care of our physical body, being a responsible adult with the practicalities of our lives, creating right livelihood, and being able to provide for oneself, grounded in 3D reality without blame/victim consciousness. It also entails learning about the world, the matrix, and understanding higher/universal/occult laws so you can see through appearances, deceptions, and distractions (while applying critical thinking and using your intuition/higher mind faculties) and hence can make wiser decisions that are aligned with Truth.

Inner and outer work need to go hand-in-hand for it also relates to the universal law: as within so without – as above so below. The more that we are embodied and understand/apply universal and metaphysical higher laws, the more we become aligned with our essence and soul purpose and have a more positive impact in the world and in our lives.

The key ingredients for this work and the times we’re in are INTEGRITY and SINCERITY.

Any imbalance of this work shows up in a variety of ways. For example, many well-meaning “truth seekers” tend towards being overly focused on the external world while lacking a balance of sincere inner work and embodiment. On the other side of the coin, there is also the self-help trap of too much “self-centered-work” which often results in narcissistic tendencies; whereas people are overly focused on their internal experience without understanding the world around them. This can create an excessively solipsistic world view by taking a truth and distorting it into a lie as you see in the oversimplified New Age “You Create Your Reality” scene.

Furthermore, many people make no effort to understand the external forces that affect us; like the matrix, universal laws, and how occult forces and their human puppets (Deep State, Cabal) manipulate humanity. Despite their well-meaning intentions, through their ignorance, they end up supporting a negative agenda and often even end up worshipping and supporting occult forces and political powers that do not have their best interest in mind as they become unconscious “agents” for occult hostile forces [wetiko] working through them.

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