YHWH, Allah, and Hu

Who and what is YHWH? The name is a name and act of devotion to God Almighty, as well as a Kabbalistic formula. The name YHWH has both a long-form and a short form. The long-form is Yahūah (Ya-Hoo-Wa-H) and the short form is Yahū (Ya-Hoo).
Students of Sufism and Islam
know that the name Hū is a secret and sacred name of God-Allah. Ya is used as a means of praise and worship. Thus we have Yahū
According to Islamic Sufi Cosmology, when God appeared in the Beginning the Word was created. The Word in Sufi Islam was Nur al-Muhammad (Christ) it means the Divine Light (Nur) of the One Worthy of Praise (Mu & Ahmed).
When the Divine Light (Word, Christ, Logos, Muhammad) became aware of its own existence out of the Nothingness of God from which it came, i.e. the Beginning Before the Beginning (Alam e HaHoot), it praised itself by saying “YaHoo” (O He).
The fact that Jewish and Islamic sources both confirm the Divine name of “Yahoo” is evidence of Oneness and Truth of God across the Major Abrahamic Faiths.
When the Romans adopted the Teachings of Christ and merged them with their pagan culture and language, they turned YHWH into JHVH, which ultimately became Jehovah.
Also, the name for Salvation in Hebrew is Yashua / Yeshua. In Latin, it became Iesus and later Jesus. However, Yashua is a shortened version of Yashuayahu, itself meaning Yahu (God) is my Salvation.
The point here is that Yeshua = an-Nur al-Muhammad and YHWH is Yahū referring to Hū, God prior to self-reflection and the emergence of “in the Beginning.”
In the Qu’ran Allâh tells us that he send 124,000 messengers to all the Nations while providing them their own Law (Shariah) and Way (Tariqa) so that they may vow against each other in Righteousness. This linguistic investigation shows the Truth of Allah and that his message of Tawhid is True and Eternal. Different peoples and cultures have created confusion giving rise to mispronunciations, interpretations, and innovations. Yet, we know the Reality of Allah is that Allah is the Only Reality.

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