The Truth About The Protests

“95% of the protests are peaceful” is a tortured premise asserted in bad faith for three reasons:

  1. You have to look at charts and tables and graphs to even know that, on account of the fact that large portions of entire cities are being burned down at the expense of the working class, not the ruling class.
  2. It does not matter that technically, the violence and rampant destruction we are bearing witness to is being perpetrated by the minority of the protestors. If the majority/peaceful protestors had any real power over and control of their movement, then the violence would not be so rampant to begin with. How hard could it be to stop “a few bad apples” from shooting and maiming citizens and destroying the livelihood of innocent people? If the destruction and violence is so inconsequential and so thoroughly and pervasively at odds with the true spirit of the movement, then how come the leftist, lamestream, lapdog media is spreading so many lies and falsehoods about the events in question, while others still are writing articles and books defending the practice of looting and political violence? It’s not a question of whether or not there are sincere people caught up in all of this. It’s a matter of who is really calling the shots and setting the tone. And guess what? It’s not the message of the peaceful protestors that is being heard right now. It’s the message of the radical, Communist revolutionaries who are openly calling for the destruction of the American Republic with the full support and blessing of the overwhelming majority of the Democratic Dystopian Industrial Complex.
  3. Change for evil or for good seldom if ever comes about because of what the majority is doing. It comes about in spite of the majority. The majority of Chinese people were not Communists when Mao came to power.
    The majority of Russians were not Bolsheviks. And the majority of Americans did not fight in the American Revolution.
    Regimes change and people suffer because of the actions of a few and the inaction or cooperation of the majority.

Modern westerners are all too happy to demonize and dehumanize entire generations of their ancestors who are no longer alive to defend themselves against their posthumous and overwhelmingly Christ-hating detractors, yet refuse to so much as whisper against the wickedness raging before their very eyes.

God help us. It is as though half the country has succumbed to mass psychosis.

If we would be champions of truth and justice and liberty, then we must forsake political correctness and hold to the principles of our forefathers and return to Biblical laws that the American Republic was established upon.

We are made for better things than this and made of sterner stuff than this. We have a legacy to live up to and a birthright to claim. It’s time for red-blooded Americans to look to the rock from whence we were hewn, return to the ancient landmarks and turn back to the God of our fathers per 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Revival. Reformation. Renaissance.

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