The Media is Silence About Many Things

The reason the media is silent about missing children is because the military operation happening behind the scenes since around February 2020 is black ops sensitive. If the sheeple majority ever found out how deep this child trafficking thing goes as far as politicians, hollywood, the music industry, and TV show hosts, the government would not only lose the sheeples trust, but lose control of this nation completely. A majority of the people in the United States, roughly 320,000,000 people are unsaved and following after Satan. This leaves a very small few that are authentically born again and have no interest in conforming to the world. The only ones who know about the child trafficking are the ones who can handle it, but believe me the ones who refuse to see their favorite TV host or actors in this new light are not able to handle the truth, they will literally break down into insanity.

Try to understand here what it means to be these sleeping people. They don’t even know evil really exists, honest to God. Most of them are going to need serious help mentally after this restraint of information cannot be held back any longer. If you can pay the media to hold back information, that’s CIA money, that’s actually beyond money, it’s what we call “black bag threats”. 👉(Hey CNN, open your mouth before we tell you to and you will disappear).This information involving children is a national security threat because American elites are involved.

I don’t care if you’re wearing a mask right now, but pay attention to how many put their mask on first without any hesitation. You think we have friends here in the United States? No sir… we’re outnumbered by a quarter of a billion baby antichrists. This does not include outside countries which hold several billion of our spiritual enemies. There is a 80 to 90% chance that your current neighbor under the right circumstances would slit your throat. Hold that down, sleep good.

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