False Mainstream Movement

I’m all for radical changes in our society for systematic reform in order to promote more peace, justice, and equality for all. But nothing going on in the “mainstream” is actually about that. It’s all fake and disingenuous. That doesn’t mean there aren’t real and genuine people fighting for the movement, but ultimately nothing that is part of the “mainstream” movement has offered any sort of practical and reasonable solutions to help actually move our society forward. It’s all operating for an ulterior motive, exploiting real issues to get you to go along with their agenda which will not be good for any of us.If we really want to make a change in our society the first step we have to make is changing our overall philosophical viewpoint. We must realize that we are powerful co-creators of our reality through consciousness and break away from the limitations of the philosophical views of institutionalized religions and the dogma of reductive physicality plaguing the academic philosophical and scientific communities. We must realize that we are all connected as we are each pieces of feedback to a greater whole in which we are all a part.We aren’t getting any sort of this philosophical change in the mainstream narrative, though. Why? Because these mainstream narratives are created by the same people that give us the shallow philosophical belief systems to begin with in order to create the mindset of separation and division in us. They create these limited viewpoints in us and then jerk us around like puppets on strings. This is all to do their bidding of gaining more power and control over us.The current mainstream narratives act like they all about promoting “justice” and “equality” but all they are really doing is promoting more division and separation. We cannot let ourselves continue to get jerked around by the same people that are causing the problems in the first place. We must unite together as people, get rid of this ridiculous right vs left divide, and work together as people to actually form practical solutions to help us break away from the current establishment of control and not get jerked around by the false narratives and “solutions” created by this establishment of control in the first place.

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