Why we observe New moon and Yom Teruah (Feast of Trumpets)

Why do we observe New Moons? This is very deep and interesting and can be understood in the light of Creation, The New Moon Day is observed over a two day period at the end of each month, this day is not limited to a 24 hour period, it is a memorial out side the boundary of time as we are accustomed to, New Moon days are worship days and are the foundation of all Yahuahs set apart appointments. The New Moon is spoken of in Genesis as the time of the beginning ( In the beginning Yahuah created the heaven and the earth and the earth became without form and void, these events all speak of a time past in earths history, a period were Yahuah formulated his creation over a period of millions of years, The earth in which we now reside is not so much a creation but a reformation of all things old and have been recalled into existence for the redemption of man and the exposing of Ha Satan: this is why many become confused when they read that on the 4th day Yahuah made the sun and moon, but what we need to understand is that the sun and moon had been created millions of years before and was only appointed on the 4th day as a time piece, when this is understood we can then see the logic in the creators calendar for resetting the month and the weekly Sabbath at the time of the New moon. Just as our creator has reset this earth and recalled all things so every month we are brought back to the beginning to understand our beginning and our end. The word for Genesis in Hebrew is Ba reshit it is properly translated as (a beginning ) not the beginning the sages of Judaism named the 1 day of 7th month of the year ( Yom Teruah) Alef Ba Tisri, they formulated this word from the Hebrew word Ba reshit, they understood that it was at this time in history that Yahuah had laid the foundation of the universe and the Sons of Yah shouted (Teruah) for joy. This is why Yom Teruah is set apart as a Sabbath New Moon and not just a worship New Moon, all other new moons are memorials of this great event in time and space the very foundation of life was put into motion.