True Testimony of Jesus Christ

Many believe that the confession of the name of Jesus Christ will save them from the second death and hell fire… They are ignorant of acts where it says we must be baptised by one having authority and also recieve the baptism of water and of fire… Satan has decieved them into believing that salvation comes by grace alone… They believe that no works are needed… This because they follow there false ministers and preachers who mingle truth with the precepts of men… They trust in the flesh rather then getting answers from the holy spirit… Because of this they recieve stong delusion meantioned in 2nd Thessalonians and are cursed to damnation… This applies to all of man kind… In every religion… Even Mormons… Trusting blindly with out seeking the spirit to know if what you believe is true is wrong and a tool of the devil… In the day of judgement many will come to Jesus and show them all there works and he will say you never knew me… This applies to all who trust in logic who never recieved the testimony of Christ… These are they who believed in false doctrines because of the precepts of mankind or the logic of there minds. Cause they would not seek truth from the spirit of God…

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