The Dynamics of Communication

As i have expressed the frustrations with communication in our society, or a lack of education, understanding, awareness and empathy with it, wherein lies the solutions? As a result each of us have our own style of communication and how we show up in conversation. How we present ourselves, how we express ourselves, and the dynamics of how we relate with other people doing the same.

In my life, i have historically considered myself to be very alone. At many times i have been jaded at humanity and in this i considered myself a victim to the unaware, the steamrollers, and the brashness of those without conversational etiquette or care.

It is known in brutal honesty that the Victimizer requires the victim to play the part of the victim. The victim has to play the part in order to create the victimizer. And if we are to empower ourselves to understand the present reality we must understand how we ourselves play into this cycle of dysfunction. Regardless of fault, the only thing we may control in life is how we react and how we choose to carry onward. In my introspection, i have realized this…

That although it was the actions, or lack of action, of others that created my reaction, it was i who could change this entire cycle. The Victim is the best teacher. The knower of the destruction, of the subtle and unconscious behaviors that perpetrate them, and how they are affected by this. The Victim knows everything about what is not working in the dynamic and often knows a better alternative. Of course, bridging this gap is situational dependent.

It was i who could have spoken up and addressed that i was not heard, not seen, not validated. To tell the other that this is simply not working and in order to create a better dynamic, i need this to change.

The understanding that the synchronization of two different operating systems may only meet in synergy if either are willing to meet in the middle and understand the authentic truth of the interaction. To understand what needs to be worked on. What requirements must be fulfilled in order to achieve a balanced harmony.

And to take the reflection and perspective of another and truly understand, value, & integrate this lesson. Workability with your own self and not holding attachment or identity with how you do something if it is creating disturbance.

Emotionally charged words may render unnecessary triggering of subconscious traumas or reactions. The difference between sugar coating a topic of discussion or the unapologetic brashness that creates feelings of apathy, and everything inbetween. Teach about awareness and noticing social & body ques of expression.

Find harmony with respect, amicable honesty, transparency, vulnerability, empathy, understanding. Be willing to dive into the uncomfortable nature and speak any discomfort. Be willing to hold that space and take responsibility for your own part in things.

Say what you need in order to make peace. Expecting others to meet you where you are at may not always work. Stepping into your power, commanding space, and articulating your self and your position are a crucial piece in integrating our Empowered Sovereignty.

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